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modern kitchen modern bathroom table with seats in leather stylish kitchen
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livingroom with style dinner diningroom nice arrangement of furniture
livingroom traditional livingroom nice kitchen


In addition to the mathematical and predictable interior space, there is a feeling space should be designed so that people can develop relationships with spatial perceptions and meanings to the interior.

It has adapted to a new well-being specific to you and your needs. Take advantage of the reconstruction, extension, restructuring and re-equip with a competent advice for every budget.


• Consultation, design and planning of renovation, new construction, refurbishment of existing buildings and ancient monuments

• Analysis and design of spaces for optimal functional processes, flexibility in the workplace

• Identify and control the costs to the respective status of planning

• Analysis, lighting design, interior design, product and housing advice

• Conception and organization of upgrades and renovations

• Reconstruction and conversion of existing facilities


• Hotels, restaurants and spa facilities

• Office and retail spaces, public and commercial facilities

• Individual private rooms or entire homes

English website Deutsche Webseite